The B2B Connection

A Michigan Comprehensive 
Human Resources Consultancy

Leveraging Business Relationships for Your Success!
About Us

What is The B2B Connection?
The B2B Connection introduces strategic consulting businesses to other businesses in order to assist them in achieving their goals and resolving their workforce challenges.

As the Principal of The B2B Connection, Gail G. Sanderson identifies the needs of businesses and matches them with one of The B2B Connection's strategic partners.
Each partner is recognized as an expert in their respective field.

If your business is looking to grow revenue, reduce expenses or improve processes; let's talk! Consulting expertise is offered in:

Labor Relations
* International Human Resources
* Compensation and Benefits
* Executive Compensation
* Leadership Development
* Employee Assessment
* Domestic and International Relocation
* Payroll
* Employee Relations
* Diversity and Affirmative Action

The B2B Clients say...

"Gail is always energetic, positive and a great mentor for others.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative -- coaching client of The B2B Connection

“Gail's a consummate professional, always a pleasure to work with and deeply connected into the HR network.” -- contractor at The B2B Connection 

“Gail has demonstrated exceptional professional networking skills, is a proven business developer, and is extremely adept at bringing people together to leverage their skills and talents to satisfy identified business needs." -- consulting client of The B2B Connection

“Gail is the ultimate HR networker! She knows everyone in HR in the Detroit area, and has a knack for connecting people so their individual needs can be met."  -- consulting client of The B2B Connection

“Gail is a bright, knowledgeable, resourceful professional who possesses exceptional customer service skills. If you are looking to augment or upgrade your HR organization, I recommend Gail and The B2B Connection without hesitation." -- consulting client of The B2B Connection

“Gail combines an extremely robust knowledge of HR with proven sales capability. She has dramatically increased revenue in three organizations selling in to HR. Gail combines technical knowledge with warm people skills, growing a huge professional network.”
-- strategic consulting partner of The B2B Connection

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